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2 Year Old Program

2 Days: T/Thurs 9:15-11:45am

3 Days: M/W/F 9:15 - 11:45am

Staff: 3 Teachers to 8 children


3 Year Old Programs

3 Day: M/W/F 9am - 12pm

4 Day: T/W/Thurs/F 9am - 12pm

Staff: 2 Teachers to 14-16 children


 Pre-K 4,5 Year Old Programs

4 Day: Monday-Thursday 9:00am to 12:00pm 

with one extended day/wk 9am -1:55pm.


5 Day: Monday-Friday 9:00am to 12:00pm

 with two extended days/wk 9am - 1:55pm.


​* Children are eligible for an optional Lunch Bunch Program from 12-1:55pm beginning in late September for an additional fee of $25 per day.

Our goal is to ignite curiosity and foster an eagerness to learn something new every day. 


Our overall curriculum is guided by the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards and in accordance with the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s guidelines. The 2’s program is designed to foster social skills in a sensory rich environment. The 3’s programs are preparatory for Pre-K focusing on self-help, and social/emotional confidence. Our Pre-K classes promote Kindergarten readiness with an emphasis on literacy, science, math and critical thinking skills.


"Both of my sons attended Methodist for preschool and had a wonderful time! They made their first best friends and developed significantly in so many ways… emotionally, socially, intellectually. They loved their experience and looked forward to school everyday. I can’t say enough great things about this school… I wish I could send my boys there for several more years!!!"


- Past Parent at UMPS

2’s Program Highlights:


A small classroom with a high student-teacher ratio provides our youngest children with the strong sense of security needed for a gentle separation from their primary caregivers. This program is rich in developmentally appropriate sensory experiences and has a strong foundation in responsive social-emotional practice. Our focus for this first school experience is to foster a love for learning and create a positive association with school and our community.

3’s Program Highlights:

A strong focus is placed on developing confidence, respect for themselves, their peers and their community. Our curriculum is child led and emerges as we see and hear about the interests of the children.  This exposes their young minds to a vast array of tangible and relatable experiences and ensures that they are intrinsically motivated by their own curiosity. Teachers provide a warm and nurturing environment with a play-based structure for the children to explore their interests.  The children participate in monthly Music and Yoga classes.
4’s and Pre-K Program Highlights:
In preparation for elementary education, we focus on fostering creative and critical thinkers. Through an emergent curriculum, we are able to cover a wide variety of topics and offer developmentally appropriate language, literacy, writing, math and science experiences using their interests and curiosities as the lens. Creative art experiences that focus on process over product provide the children with opportunities for self–expression. These experiences build upon each other to ensure developmental progress in all areas and create a strong foundation of knowledge. Music, yoga and Spanish enrichment classes are incorporated into their weekly schedule.
Lunch Brunch Program
Our Lunch Bunch Program is offered 5 days a week from 12:00 until 1:55pm for our 3’s and 4’s and one day a week for our 2’s from 11:45 until 1:00pm. The children are welcomed into the Lunch Bunch classroom where they enjoy an afternoon of free play with their friends and our Lunch Bunch staff. They engage in lively conversation with each other while they eat lunch and then it is off to the playground until pick up time. It is a multi-aged group. Our older children can begin in Sept. Our three year old children generally are ready to join in October with confirmation of readiness for the longer day from the Three’s teachers. Sign up for Lunch Bunch is flexible and is ongoing throughout the school year.
Mini Camp Program
To bridge the gap between when private schools and the public schools end their year we offer our summer Mini Camp Program. It runs for 3 weeks after Memorial Day. Children can register for one, two or all three weeks depending upon your availability. It provides a great opportunity for us to introduce our 3’s to the classroom and teacher that they will have when they return to school in the fall. The classes are composed of mixed age groups which creates a wonderful balance for summertime fun. The Mini Camp theme changes each year and revolves around an enrichment program that includes visiting storytellers, performers, musicians, daily arts and crafts and plenty of outdoor playtime. The 2’s enjoy their own extended program for those interested.

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